Build Your Own Box For 4

Crisps Option 1
Crisps Option 2
Chutney and Sauces Option 1
Chutney and Sauces Option 2
Beer and Cider
Sausages and Burgers Option 1
Sausages and Burgers Option 2
Pies and Quiches Option 1
Pies and Quiches Option 2
Bakery Option 1
Bakery Option 2
Product Details

What's in the box?

  • Crisps x 2
  • Chutney and Sauces x 2
  • Jams x 1
  • Beer and Cider x 4
  • Sausages and Burgers x 2
  • GF Pies and Quiches x 2
  • Pates x 1
  • Bakery x 2
Crisps: MILK Wiltshire ale & onion chutney: BARLEY,GLUTEN, MUSTARD, CITRIC ACID, CELERY Hot chilli sauce:GLUTEN, SOYA, CELERY, SULPHITES TBF Beer: GLUTEN, BARLEY, WHEAT Burgers: BARLEY GF Ham leak and mushroom pie:EGG, MILK, MUSTARD GF meditteranean lamb pie: EGG MILK GF steak & kidney pie: EGG, MILK GF butternut squash and chickpea pie:EGG, MILK GF Steak and ale pie:EGG, MILK Ham and mushroom quiche: EGG, MILK, WHEAT Cheddar and onion quiche:EGG, MILK, WHEAT Quiche Loraine: EGG, MILK, WHEAT Cheese and tomato quiche:EGG, MILK, WHEAT Pates: FISH, MILK Blueberry and vanilla scones: MILK, EGG, WHEAT Cherry and almond scone:ALMONDS, MILK, EGG, WHEAT Millionaire shortbread:WHEAT, MILK Lemon and rasberry drizzle cake:MILK, EGG, WHEAT Carrot cake:ALMONDS, EGG
  • Suitable for freezing up to 2 months
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