Sakura Leaf Biscuits


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These Sakura leaf biscuits, made by Sven-Hanson Britt first appeared on MasterChef the Professionals: The Rematch and helped Sven secure the winners trophy. Marcus Wareing described Sven’s dessert as “Probably one of the best desserts I’ve eaten” and Monica Galetti: “Genius”.

Sven has been making these biscuits from foraged English wild cherry and plum leaves. He salts the leaf and allows it to ferment in the same process as the sakura leaf which is often found in Japan and used in the sweet Sakuramochi. Sven then bakes a brown butter biscuit mix onto the leaf and, hey presto! The Plum Leaf biscuit was born. Sven takes a lot of inspiration from the cuisine of Japan for his cooking and the food at his soon-to-open restaurant Oxeye. His fiancé, Kae, is Japanese in heritage and is also a pastry chef, so this probably helps!

Sven is making special Sakura Leaf Biscuits just for us at Makes Miso Hungry each week – this time from leaves picked when the wild cherry trees are blossoming. The flavour of these biscuits is really quite unique. Make sure you add a box to your order and enjoy with a glass of champagne, a cup of ice cold mugicha or just on their own. This is the only place you can get these biscuits until Oxeye opens! It’s definitely not one to miss!

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