Brunch Kit

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Whats in the box?

  • Fritter mix
  • Cacklebean eggs
  • 1 avocados
  • Spinach
  • Fennel seed seasoning
  • 1 lemon
  • Crispy kale
  • Aleppo chilli
  • Turmeric yoghurt
  • Distilled vinegar (for poaching)
  • 2 BM Oat Lattes

Instruction cards

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Eggs, Sulphur Dioxide, Gluten (oat lattes), milk (turmeric yoghurt)

Refrigeration and shelf life

Refrigerate on receipt of delivery. Do not freeze

Shelf life

Fritter mix 5 days

Oat lattes 3 months

Avocado 3 days

Spinach 3 days

Delivery information

You will be notified of an estimated delivery window the day before your delivery. It is your responsibility to be in to accept the delivery.

When we deliver your kit, we will attempt to ring your doorbell or knock on your door 3 times. If there is no answer we will leave the kit in a safe position outside your front door. We are not responsible for the kit, nor the temperature control of the contents within the kit once we drop it off.

Refund requests or amendments to orders less than 24 hours before the earliest estimated delivery date will not be processed and you may still be charged.