Your Favourite Restaurant Meal Boxes Delivered To Your Door

Your Favourite Restaurant Meal Boxes Delivered To Your Door

With Plateaway, you can now get restaurant meal boxes delivered straight to your door! Whether you like Italian, Middle Eastern or Japanese, you can get all the fresh ingredients in one box, follow the instructions and create the perfect restaurant meal in the comfort of your own home!

How it works

Choose your kit

Choose a restaurant and order your favourite meal kits with just a couple of clicks.

Receive your kit

We will deliver your chosen meal kit straight to your door, fresh and ready to prepare.

Plate your kit

Watch our simple step by step video instructions on how to make & plate your kit.

Restaurants & Partners

Meal Kits

How Do Meal Boxes Work?

Meal boxes come directly from high street restaurant brands and chains – and have become a popular way for customers to enjoy the same meals from their own homes.

Popular gifts for colleagues and friends or perfect for families and couples who are looking to enjoy a night in together, you can get all the ingredients sent to your home in one meal box and then you can follow the instructions to create your own gastronomic masterpiece!

The meat, ingredients and sauces are delivered fresh and you get any additional tools as part of the kit such as sushi rolling mats and chopsticks.

Follow the instructions provided or the video guides on the Plateaway website and you can enjoy a restaurant quality meal in your very own kitchen!

What Types of Meal Boxes Are Available From Plateaway?

Middle Eastern





Poke Bowls





And many, many more!


What is Included in a Meal Box?

A meal box comes with all the ingredients and tools you need to make the perfect restaurant meal including:

Fresh meat (chicken, meat, vegan alternatives)



Sides – (bread, chips, potatoes, salads, rice)

Tools (bowls, seaweed paper, hand rolling mats, chopsticks)

Step-by-step instructions

Dietary and allergy labels


Why Are Meal Boxes So Popular?

Restaurant meal boxes became really popular during Covid-19. With regular customers unable to visit their favourite high street brands, restaurants started to offer meal boxes as a way to bring the experience to the customer – whilst allowing them to partake in a fun and group-sharing activity.

Families and couples have been able to enjoy meal boxes and have shared the experience of preparing them, when they have had limited social opportunities.

For companies that have not been able to enjoy team lunches and bonding sessions, they have been ordering meal kits and following the instructions together on Zoom.

Covid or not, the meal box phenomenon is here to stay and companies and entrepreneurs are now being more creative and providing more innovative flavours and dishes than ever before.


Is the Food Already Cooked?

No, the food from a meal box is not cooked and the customer is required to follow the instructions step-by-step to fully prepare the meal. You will get the enjoyment from being able to grill the meat, boil the pasta, create the sauces – and everything in between!


How Can I Order a Meal Box Kit From Plateaway?

Plateaway is the largest aggregator of meal box kits in the UK with over 25 restaurants and brands to date – and our list is constantly growing.

Simply select the meal box of your choice and order directly through our website – and the restaurant will package it up and send it to you, straight from their kitchen to yours!

We also offer gift vouchers, making a meal box a perfect gift for a birthday, work present or as a treat for someone special. Plus, we can also do corporate gifting  if you are looking for something different to reward your staff with.