What’s for Breakfast?

Brother Marcus & Farm Girl - Plateaway

There is a reason breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast gives you the fuel to make it through the morning and let’s face it - who isn’t hungry first thing in the morning?! So without further ado, here are our incredible breakfast kits for you to make yourself at home. Each kit is totally unique and offers flavours like no other! What’s your favourite?

Brother Marcus

Brother Marcus was created by three best friends, Arthur, Alex and Tas. Brother Marcus brings the flavours and recipes of the Eastern Mediterranean to London. Having travelled the region extensively and experienced the food, drink and culture it has to offer first hand, what you get at Brother Marcus is their take on the Eastern Mediterranean way.

Their DIY kit is based off their most popular brunch dish – a show stopping stack of fritters, avocado and poached egg. They’ve done the hard work, now they’ve given you the secret recipe. If you want a savoury, healthy, nutritious brunch, this kit for two, is for you!

Farm Girl

If you haven’t been to Farm Girl Cafe before, you are missing out on a bit of heaven. Their restaurant offers health-conscious brunches, smoothies and sandwiches. And now they are bringing a holistic and healthy, yet comfortingly simple approach to Australian café to your home!

If you want a healthy sweet breakfast, their Strawberry & Lime Pancake kit is for you (vegan and gluten-free). Picture fluffy, thick, sweet, mouth watering pancakes to enjoy in the comfort of your home - WOW!

Romulo Café

Named Best Bar/Restaurant at the Kensington and Chelsea Business Awards. This is your invitation to discover the Philippines one mouthful at a time! The Romulo Breakfast Tray is a great pick-me-up ensemble, perfect to start the day or as an all-day treat. Here are all the ingredients for a sacred Filipino ritual! 

The kit includes Chorizo de Cebu, Filipino pork sausage similar to the Spanish longganisa, ube mousse jam, one dozen pandesal (their famous, homemade Filipino bread roll), and gourmet tuyo (salted dried fish) butter. 


Nothing beats hot fresh bread for breakfast and luckily for you, we have just the kit! Paul’s have recently introduced their new bread making kits. They are giving you everything you need to make classic bread at home the classic PAUL way. Smother on your favourite spread and you’re sorted.

Romulo Cafe & Paul's Bakery - Plateaway