Veganuary Has Arrived!

After the year we have all had, it is fair to say that dry January may not be on the cards for the majority of people this year. So if you’re looking for another challenge to kick off your 2021 with a healthy bang, Veganuary is a FAB option.

So what is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a term that comes from a UK-based non-profit organisation, whose mission is to encourage people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. Veganuary starts on 1st January 2021 and runs for the whole month.

How to get started

As you've probably guessed, a vegan diet involves cutting out all animal products from your diet. Not only can you not eat meat, but vegans do not eat anything derived from animals (e.g. eggs, milk, dairy products etc).

So what can I eat?

Vegans eat a diet based around plants and luckily over recent years, the availability of vegan products has rapidly increased! Here at Plateaway, it’s never been easier to stick to Veganuary. Our selection of vegan kits has soared and each kit comes with all the ingredients you need to make DELICIOUS meat-free meals at home!

Check out our vegan restaurant partners below;


Yummy PB is a small independent eatery, offering a plant-based shawarma DIY kit and a falafel DIY kit. All ingredients are provided to create the ultimate Mediterranean experience. They are also free from dairy, lactose and preservatives. Even better, all their packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.


Symplicity offers an incredible range of plant-based DIY meal kits. Neil Rankin, former meat chef, is now a turned plant-based chef and makes all his food from fermented European vegetables, packed full of delicious flavours. Choose from their vegan meatballs and ragu pasta kit, vegan burger kit and their vegan chilli hot dog kit!!!


The Vurger Co. continue to follow their key mission to revolutionise fast food through the power of plants and to make vegan food as accessible and convenient as possible! With their new DIY kits, you can now make their restaurants’ best selling New York Melt Vurger at home!


Club Mexicana make award winning Mexican inspired street food that just happens to be vegan. They now are offering a great selection of vegan tacos kits including their Al Pastor Taco Kit, Cheezeburger Taco Kit and BBQ short rib Taco kit. If you can’t decide, they even offer a Megabox Taco kit which includes all 3 fillings in one box. And of course, you can’t not add their fully loaded nachos to your order!


Eat Chay provides restaurant quality vegan meal kits where they make all their proteins, sauces, pickled & fermented vegetables from scratch and source ingredients locally where possible. All of their soy products are non-GMO and the majority of their packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.


Mooshies is a plant-based restaurant dishing up DELICIOUS vegan burgers. They have recently launched their plant-based DIY at home range which includes their signature black bean & quinoa patties and famous loaded fries. All their products are made from whole food ingredients and locally sourced fruits and vegetables, and all products have  gluten free options available!

Check out our restaurant partners that also offer vegan options below;


Shoryu ramen offer a vegan kit including everything you need to make their vegan White Natural ramen including their unique tonyu vegan broth made with soy milk, miso, konbu & shiitake mushrooms, original ramen noodles, atsuage fried tofu, spring onion, menma bamboo shoots & kikurage mushrooms. Included is a handy guide taking you through each and every step, helping you to re-create the Shoryu restaurant experience at home.


Homeslice offers a "Homeslice Veganuary Kit", which includes 2 pizzas of your choice, either 2 Vegan Mushroom pizzas or Vegan Margherita pizzas. Using their signature dough, they prepare a 12” base which they part bake in their wood- fired ovens. The pizzas can be kept in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to cook them in your oven and finish with some unique Homeslice ingredients that come with the pizzas.


Dirty Bones are known for making creative comfort food dishes using top quality ingredients and their DIY kits follow the same mission: NYC-inspired comfort food ready to prepare at home, where they have always offered a Dirty Vegan Chilli Cheeseburger Kit For 4.  For Veganuary, they have released the ULTIMATE VEGANUARY KIT to rustle up the perfect night in. This kit includes all the ingredients to make 2 vegan burgers, fries, vegan chocolate chip cookies, and 2 espresso medatinis!


Patty&Bun DIY kits give you all the ingredients to make their famous Vegan ‘Ari Gold’ & ‘Smokey Robinson’s’ Cheeseburgers at home! They also offer a meat/vegan combo kit with all the ingredients to make 2x Meat and 2x Plant Based versions of the Ari Gold and Smokey Robinson! Don’t worry - all ingredients are kept separate to avoid cross contamination, and the mayo is Plant Based as standard!!


Lords of Poké provide easy to create poké bowls where no cooking is required! With imaginative flavour combinations, they bring together traditional Hawaiian poké with playful Californian-inspired additions. They are proactive in helping to preserve the planet by continuously assessing its own processes and suppliers. For all their DIY kits, they have a vegan option to have either fried puffed tofu or golden roasted tempeh.


Infuse your taste buds with HOP's authentic and flavoursome Vietnamese street food. Their vegan DIY options include a coconut vegan ca ri kit packed with charred squash and soy & ginger mushrooms and served with jasmine rice, pickled carrot & mooli, fresh herbs, chillies and crispy shallots. They also have a vegan pho kit aka vietnamese soul food – aromatic broth with soy & ginger roasted mushrooms and flat rice noodles. Served with spring onion, fresh herbs, lime, chillies and chilli oil to add as you please.


Bringing you the finest Thai products and produce all in one box so you can make fresh, authentic Thai food in minutes, in the comfort of your home! All their dishes have a vegan option including their Tofu Pad Thai, Vegan Green or Red Curry and Vegan spring rolls.


SushiDog Roll at home kits are not only delicious but a LOT of fun! Their kits come with all the ingredients and instructions you need to be able to roll 4 of your own SushiDogs at home! If you're looking to make freshly rolled plant-based goodness then their VEGAN avocado & cucumber DIY kit is for you!


If this doesn’t convince you to try Veganuary, we don’t know what else will. Blondies Kitchen offers their irresistible gooey hot cookie dough which is ready to bake at home - 3 Double Chocolate Chip Biscoff Vegan puds. These are enough to turn you vegan forever!


Treats Club is giving you the chance to create your own hot donut kits with freshly prepared dough filled with your favourite treats. Their vegan hot donut kit comes with 8 biscoff chocolate chip cookie dough filled donut bites (each donut bite has a ball of cookie dough inside). WOW!


Bakester Box have just launched their VEGAN Apple Olive Oil Loaf Cake. Most of the cake's sweetness comes naturally from Pink Lady apples, meaning this cake is not as sinful as you may think! This Bakester Box makes one 2lb cake loaf, enough to serve 8 portions. (The mixture also makes 10 muffins, if muffins are more your thing!)