Timeline of Plateaway

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July 2020

After months of planning and strategizing the business, we finally announced the launch of Plateaway with 6 founding restaurant partners. The website went live and all three co-founders were all working from their kitchens! The instagram went live and each order was celebrated (even though at the beginning our customers were mainly family and friends). 

September 2020

So for anyone who ever saw the first version of the website, it was pretty basic! There were no categories, no video guides - just a very simple website that did the job! So after a few months, we decided it was time to bump up the website aka PLATEAWAY 2.0. Categories were introduced, videos uploaded and some snazzy carousels were put on featuring all our press coverage and restaurant partners! 

October 2020

October was also a huge month of us as we FINALLY launched our service nationwide. To begin with, we partnered with an M25 courier and as we began to see a demand outside this area, we decided it was only right that we paired up with a nationwide courier service to get our kits to all foodies outside of London. This was a HUGE achievement and definitely boosted sales!

December 2020

Christmas time was absolutely crazy busy for us! With SO many corporate christmas party orders on top of normal orders, we needed to hire FAST! This is when our small team of 3 overworked co-founders, turned to an incredible team of 6! With a customer service team and sales team in place - we had the solid foundation to get through this MANIC period!

BLOG - Timeline of Plateaway

January 2021

As great as Zoom calls are, it was extremely difficult to build and manage our new team virtually. So we were over excited when we finally found an office space for Plateway Headquarters. In January, we moved our team into the office and we couldn’t believe how productive days became and how fun it was to work together. However a week after finally moving in, lockdown 3.0 came in and it was back to working virtually. But at least we had an office to look forward to going back to!

February 2021

By February restaurants were coming on our platform thick and fast and we were at a point where we had at least one or two restaurants joining Plateaway every week! And in February we finally reached a milestone of having 50 restaurants on our platform! It was such a big moment for us as in only 7 months we had grown and scaled so quickly!

March 2021

March was another huge month for our business as we launched our first ever sub-brand 'HEAT & EAT.' We found that our restaurant meal kits offered the ultimate at-home experience and we wanted to offer our customers the ultimate at-home convenience. We partnered with a production kitchen to create fresh pre-cooked restaurant quality meals, ready in under 15 minutes. We spent 8 weeks from start to finish, designing the brand, packaging, menu and extras and finally were ready to launch in March!

April 2021

Start-up life is full of ups and downs and with such huge characters in our team, each day is a rollercoaster and is guaranteed to leave us all in fits of laughter. With so many funny moments going on in and outside of the office, we thought it was about time to put some faces to the brand! Considering our co-founders are brothers and it was National Sibling Day on the 10th April we decided to launch our first Youtube video on this day with a classic ‘meet our co-founders’ introductory video! We are super excited to grow our channel and have lots of funny food challenges and vlogs in the works!

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