The Perfect Meal Kits for Special Occasions

Perfect for special occasions

If you are looking for something different and special to do, Plateaway is the go-to place for you! Delivering freshly prepared high-quality meal kits bring the ultimate home dining experience. Now that restrictions are lifting, our kits are the perfect activity to do with, or for, your loved ones. Whether you want to plan a date night, dinner party, birthday or anniversary - there is guaranteed to be a kit to impress your guests!

Date Night / Anniversaries 

Every relationship needs a date night once in a while to freshen things up and allow you to bond with your partner, or why not celebrate an anniversary in style? What better way to get creative in the kitchen together and cook up a storm than any of our meal kits for two. With all the ingredients delivered to your door and simple-to-follow instructions, you are in for, not only a fun night, but a DELICIOUS one too! There are so many options to choose from so you can always switch it up each and every time!

Dinner Party

Dinner parties can be stressful, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Not only do you need to go out to get all the ingredients and cater for all dietary requirements, you also want to impress your guests with a meal to remember. Lucky for you guys, we have a variety of kits for four or more people. Not only does this save you time but it allows you to cook something new. All the hard work has been done for you by the professionals, allowing you to relax and enjoy the cooking process. Forget measuring out ingredients - everything is pre-portioned meaning there is the perfect amount to feed everyone! 

Family Night

Family night is a perfect time to reflect on your week and spend time with your loved ones. But the cooking process can often cause distress. It is time consuming and, although the end result looks effortless, a LOT of effort is required to make a good meal! The beauty of our platform is that you can order multiple kits from different restaurants in one checkout! So no matter what every person wants, everything will arrive on the same day! What’s even better is that the whole family can take part. Our kits are designed to make a seamless cooking experience for everyone and allows people to have a family night that involves cooking as well as eating!

Luxury Meals

Once in a while a luxury meal is needed and with restaurant and takeaway options being limited in areas outside London and other major cities, sometimes a luxury meal is not on the cards. That is the beauty of our premium kits that deliver nationwide so you can bring that restaurant experience into your kitchen! Everything you need comes straight from our award-winning restaurants so you KNOW that the meal will be exceptional. All the restaurant’s secret ingredients in one box with a recipe to tell you exactly how to make and plate it - YES PLEASE!


Our meal kits are super popular when it comes to birthday celebrations. Not only do they make the perfect kit for someone’s birthday, but are also perfect to do with your group of friends. Get everyone a kit and all make it together for a fun-filled party! Whether you want to decorate cupcakes, make pizzas, tacos or burgers, your guests are in for a treat!

Kits for special occasions