Summer Meal Kits by Plateaway

With Summer in full swing, we have just the right dishes for you! Get ready to take your tastebuds on a trip and satisfy your cravings – check out our favourite summer meal kits!

Thai Apron

A popular favourite of Northern Thailand, Thai Apron’s Laab Gai kit makes the ultimate summer dish, consisting of spicy minced chicken salad with toasted rice and fresh herbs. Not only is this meal refreshing and delicious  but you also learn how to make fresh, authentic Thai food in minutes, in the comfort of your home!

Flavours by Jones 

Flavours by Jones Tempeh Bolgogi kit makes the ideal summer meal,  bursting with flavourful ingredients and a nice little heat from the red chilli.  Using the lettuce leaves provided you can create canapes or you can make this as a mains-sized salad! And if you are plant-based then their  Vegan  Larb tofu Thai salad is the perfect dish, packed full of fresh flavours. A real taste of Thailand, this salad is sour, salty, sweet, and spicy. 

Gourmet Korea

Enjoy  flavoursome Korean food at home! All of Gourmet Korea’s dishes are complimented with fresh lettuce and ssamjang dipping sauce (seasoned soybean paste) with 100% handmade authentic Korean Kimchi that is full of flavour used with only finest ingredients. Choose from soy chicken, spicy chicken, pork belly, spicy pork or LA galbi. 

Island Poke

Island Poké are bringing their fresh Pacific flavours right to your door. Whether you fancy their tuna, salmon or tofu poké bowls, they’ve got you covered! These bowls make the PERFECT work from home lunch in the sun! 

Mr Wilde 

Enjoy authentic flavours from South East Asia with MR. WILDE’s Tokyo Nights Banquet. This delicious melt-in-your-mouth Sesame Soy Salmon, inspired by the street food markets of Toko, takes on an infusion of classic Japanese flavours such as ginger, soy, sesame, lemongrass and garlic. Served with wasabi mash and grilled rainbow carrots and shallots, this meal is FLAWLESS.


Haar’s Lobster brioche box makes a real summer treat. With a whole Native Scottish lobster, mirin Butter (for dipping), smoked dressing, chipotle chilli, spring onion salad, and coriander, be prepared to whip up an utterly delicious feed, best enjoyed alfresco!


Enjoy the taste of the sea and feast on all it has to offer with Fishworks’ experience boxes. The Fruits de Mer Box includes a whole cooked lobster, Argentinian king prawns, uncooked scallops and mixed oysters, resulting in a refreshing, delicious summer treat!

BBQ Kits 

And of course all our BBQ kits are a MUST! They make the whole entertaining and hosting experience as seamless as possible – check them out HERE 

Summer Meal Kits by Plateaway