The Best Burgers For National Burger Day

National Burger Day - PlateawayThis Saturday, 28th May, is National Burger Day where we celebrate America’s most iconic food. Here at Plateaway, we know better than most that burgers bring true happiness and, truthfully, everyday is National Burger Day for us! With so many incredible burger restaurants that offer this delicious food, we are totally spoiled for choice and so it’s only fair we enjoy them all every now and again! So here is a list of all our MOUTH-WATERING burger meal kits that you can get for the ultimate celebration. Everything is delivered to your door with step-by-step instructions on how to cook these bad boys yourself! The only hard part is deciding what delicious kit you are going to be ordering!

Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones legendary burger kits are guaranteed to make your day that extra special. Recreate their iconic dishes from their lamb fries to their famous Mac daddy burger! Whether you fancy their classic DB burger or their vegan hero burger, Dirty Bones know how to bring the good vibes into your home! And of course don't forget to add their Dirty Bones lager or Old Skool Fashioned cocktail to complete the ultimate experience!

Bite Me Burger

Bite me Burger offers the ultimate experience at home with their burger kits featuring mini burgers that fit perfectly between your finger and thumb. Choose from their huge range of unique burgers to cook at home and if you fancy something sweet to follow, we highly recommend their afternoon tea kits featuring ready-to-eat cupcakes and sweet treats!


Chucs Burger Kit comes with all the ingredients you need to cook and build your own Chuc's signature burgers. Simply select how many burgers you want to make, choose from red wine, white wine or beers and let them deliver the feast to you!

Waagyu Burger

Waagyu Burger offers luxury, premium, and high-quality Wagyu burger kits. From their signature wagyu burger through to their Waagyu Umami Bomb Burger, all kits are made with 100% wagyu beef! Add their mouth-watering sides such as lobster mac and cheese or poutine fries and you’ve got yourself the perfect night in! And if you fancy a bit more luxury - why not try their burger and lobster kit which combines their wagyu burger kits with their lobster roll kits, so you can enjoy the best of land and sea in one brioche bun!!

The Black Farmer

The Black Farmer makes catering and cooking super easy with their luxury boxes made up of a wide selection of free-range meat, deli treats and gluten-free options! For all the burger loves out there who want to try something a bit different, their banging burger box includes four different types of burgers, ready to cook yourself at home! And if you fancy a meat feast featuring burgers, then their meat banquets are for you, featuring a selection of BBQ meats & products!


If you are looking for a gluten free burger option Guasa’s arepa burger kit is the one to go for. In this kit you will receive four Gluten Free and freshly made cheesy Arepa buns. All you have to do is cook the ground beef patties, add the fillings, and enjoy!

National Burger Day - Plateaway