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Think of a company's I.T. department and you're likely to picture a nerd in a Star Wars T-shirt trapped in a basement office without windows. Our CTO Jason tries to overcome this stereotype and explains how Plateaway's technology is the key to our success.

Jason is the oldest member of Plateaway and tries really hard to keep up with the rest of the team. Nobody's entirely sure but we think he might actually be the guy who discovered fire. When you think of someone in I.T., you're unlikely to think of Jason, the loudest person in the office. Here he explains his history at Plateaway and how he keeps things running behind the scenes.

How Did it Start?

"I remember Lewis and Harry [co-founders of Plateaway] coming to me in June of 2020 with this amazing idea to sell meal kits from multiple restaurants online. I've known the brothers since they were born (we actually grew up across the street from each other). They needed a solution to get their idea going as quickly as possible because they saw an incredible opportunity to help out restaurants who were being heavily hit by the coronavirus outbreak."

"I remember thinking what a fantastic idea this was and such a great opportunity to help out restaurants who were really struggling. At that time I was working with a number of other companies but immediately put aside time in my diary to help piece something together."

"Many weeks went by putting together a website and I'd be lying if I said we didn't stumble across more than our fair share of hurdles. What we were putting together hadn't been done before and we were entering the realms of (and I'll use the correct engineering terminology here), calculated guesswork."

"Soon we had our first website - what we now look back at and refer to as Plateaway 1.0. I'd say we're probably now on Plateaway 4.0 and already hard at work on our next platform; it's been an incredible ride, starting with just six restaurants and now featuring over sixty. I still can't believe how far we've come. Not a day goes by when I don't think about what a fantastic decision it was to put so much work into this."

What Happens Behind the Scenes?

"At Plateaway, I have the privilege of working with a highly skilled, dynamic bunch of people. OK, so they're all younger than me which is a little depressing but they're fantastic fun to work with and I genuinely look forward to coming in to the office every day to see all of their lovely faces. Plus, being the old guy you can be the supplier of all sorts of interesting information (or at least I think they might be interested - I haven't really asked). This is a place where I can honestly say that I really look forward to Mondays."

"As well as working on the daily I.T. requirements of the office, I oversee our team of developers who work on our website. We've grown up as a company so much, in such a short space of time, that managing the website hasn't been a single person task for some time. If I had to do, on my own, what our entire technical team does, I've worked out I would need approximately sixty hours in the day to get the job done."

"I work until about 2am each day to make sure that everything is working as smoothly as possible. We need to roll out new code to the website on a daily basis and this simply can't be done during the day. If you work in this field you really need to enjoy what you do and be prepared to work really long hours. I'm just so fortunate I get to spend so much of my time in the office with the rest of the team. If I couldn't do that, I'd go insane (well, more insane, that is)."

What's Working in the World of Tech Like?

"When I chose a career in technology many years ago, it was a very different ballgame to what it is today. Nobody could imagine how the field would evolve. In this line of work, most of what you learnt ten years ago is almost irrelevant today. You have to update yourself on all the latest tools and tech trends on a daily basis. It's extremely challenging but it certainly keeps you on your toes."

"For anyone thinking about it, I seriously encourage you to consider it. We desperately need more skilled people in Engineering and Technology. I'd particularly like to see more women in the field. We're not all about the geeky shirts (although, I admit, when Summer comes, I'll be sporting my best Engineering pun T-shirts). Tech is such a trendy field and nothing's more satisfying than seeing what you've managed to build, whilst helping to create new opportunities for people and businesses along the way."

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