Staycation Food Guide

Staycation - PlateawayStaycations are here to stay in 2022. Though, having to cook in an unknown kitchen can always be a challenge, whether it be not being able to find your usual utensils or not having any of the ingredients, why go through all the fuss?

You are on holiday… Do you really want to go out and partake in the typical shopping sprees trying to find all the ingredients? Thought not, so what’s better than having the ingredients and recipes from the finest restaurants around the countries delivered to the door of your holiday home.

Restaurant Meal Kits

Calories don’t count on holiday so why not host a pizza night, pasta night or burger night during your stay with our incredible meals kits. With all the ingredients delivered to your door, and easy-to-follow recipes, it’s never been easier to enjoy a restaurant meal on holiday! And if you fancy a more luxury meal, we have a huge selection of premium kits from lobster, steak and vegan feasts that are guaranteed to be meals to remember!


Who doesn’t love a BBQ in the summer? Our BBQ kits make the ideal addition to any vacation! And if you don’t have a barbeque to cook on, many of the kits can also be cooked in the oven! All our BBQ kits are pre-marinated and prepared so just require cooking so you can be sure to get all the delicious flavours!

Baking Kits

If you fancy an afternoon baking, either before your stay or during your stay, we have a massive variety for you to choose from! Whether you want to make waffles, macarons, cookies, cakes or tarts - the list is endless and will result in gourmet desserts each and every time! Even better, everything is pre-portioned so there is no need to measure out your ingredients, making the entire baking process seamless!


What is a getaway without a cocktail (or five!!)? With our huge selection of cocktails, champagne and wine, you are bound to find the perfect drinks for your stay. Forget about making your own cocktails from scratch, all our cocktails are pre-batched, meaning all you have to do is add ice and enjoy! As for the wine, you can have them in either cans or bottles!  

Ready to Eat

Aside from meal kits, we also have a range of ready-to-eat goodies for those times during your stay where all you want to do is snack! From tasty luxury cheese and charcuterie boards, through to gooey mouth watering brownies and frozen cheesecakes - these food gifts make the perfect addition to your stay.  

Staycation - Plateaway