Restaurant Meal Kit Subscription

Plateaway Subscriptions

You asked and so we listened!! Yes the rumours are true - Plateaway are launching the FIRST EVER restaurant meal kit subscription! We have been drowning with questions from all our loyal customers so we thought it would be best to answer our most frequently asked questions about Plateaway Subscriptions

1.) How many kits will I get?

Our subscription is 3 months long but you can cancel at any time. Over the course of the 3 months, you will receive one restaurant meal kit EACH month. 

2.) How will it work?

  1. Choose your choice of kits for each month and select your delivery dates.

  2. We will deliver your chosen meal kits straight to your door each month, fresh and ready to prepare. 

  3. Follow our simple step by step instructions on how to make & plate your kit

3.) How much is it going to be?

Ever heard the saying “subscribe and save?” Yes our subscription offers the chance for you to save on your favourite kits. Prices below; 

Subscription for 2 people - £14.99 per month + FREE delivery 

Subscription for 4 people - £24.99 per month + FREE delivery

4.) What restaurants will be in the subscriptions?

To begin with, we have 6 restaurant partners available for the subscriptions, and we will be adding new restaurants and new kits over the next few months. Our 6 restaurant partners include Homeslice, Burger & Beyond, Guasa, Sou-Chef, Makan Malaysia and Little Pasta Company.

5.) Will there be gluten free/ veggie/ vegan options?

YES, we have made sure we have options for all dietary requirements!

6.) Do I have to pay upfront for the 3-months?

No, you do not have to pay upfront for the entire 3 months. You can pay a monthly fee of either £14.99 or £24.99, depending on which package you go for!

7.) Can I buy someone a 3-month subscription as a present?

Yes you can purchase a Plateaway subscription gift voucher where you can pay for the full 3-months up front and the recipient can choose their kits each month. If you purchase now, you can get 20% off and treat someone special this Christmas!

8.) How do I sign up?

Click HERE to sign up and get 10% off subscriptions. We will then notify you as soon as we launch! You can also click HERE to get 20% off a subscription gift voucher - the perfect gift for a fellow foodie!