Restaurant Feature 4 - Blondies Kitchen

We had the privilege of catching up and speaking to Chelsie Gazdar, the co-founder of Blondies KitchenHere’s what she had to say!

1.) Tell us about your restaurant?

We’re Blondies Kitchen! The UK’s first milk & cookie bar offering. Our flagship store is in Selfridges Food Hall London, but we have an online store delivering across the UK too. We freshly bake American style cookies to put a smile on our customer’s faces, one cookie at a time.

2.) Tell us about your team.

We have a small but growing team at Blondies! In the bakery we have a team of 5 including Kristelle (one of our founders), a team of 2 in the packing room, 2 in the office (including another founder) and then we have a team of 5 in Selfridges, who serve with a friendly and approachable attitude every day :D.

3.) How did you discover your passion for food?

Through eating! I’ve always loved food since I was a kid and then my passion for cooking began in my teens. You don’t have to love food to eat it, but you have to love food to cook it, that’s for sure.

4.) What’s your favourite item on your menu?

Mine has to be our Cocoberry cookie. It’s chewy all the way through, with a toasted coconut flavour and slightly jammy middle. It reminds me of my childhood. The old school raspberry coconut sponge and custard? If you don’t know what I’m talking about you definitely weren’t an 80’s or 90’s kid but nonetheless…IT’S THE BEES KNEES.

5.) What’s your most popular item on your menu?

Our best selling cookies are our Klassic with a K with Kinder Bars and our Blondie cookie with white chocolate and biscoff. Third place is the Classic. You can’t beat the simple things in life, like a milk chocolate chunk cookie right?

6.) Apart from cookies, what’s your favourite type of food?

PASTA. I could eat it for lunch and dinner everyday I think. Italian is definitely my favourite cuisine. I love that the Italian’s rely on quality produce, with minimal cooking effort and just simply stunning ingredients.

7.) What’s your go-to meal?

My go to meal is Spaghetti Carbonara. I always have eggs, pancetta and parmesan in my fridge at all times. My friends have laughed at me for years about this, but there is always a need for a Carbonara. I hear you asking why…well. 1. It can be on the table in 10 mins (the same amount of time the pasta takes to cook. 2. Eggs and bacon for dinner is basically a fry up with spaghetti…YES PLEASE. And 3. You can’t beat a well emulsified glossy carbonara in my opinion. 

8.) How has the meal kit revenue stream impacted your business?

We introduced our Ready to Bake range when the pandemic hit as we wanted to give our customers something fun to do during lockdown, while enjoying our amazing cookies and not forgetting about us! Little did we know, the products are actually so delicious baked straight from a home oven, it’s been worthwhile keeping them on the menu since. We’re so happy we got to explore this option. Every cloud has a silver lining and we like to think this was the silver lining of the pandemic for us. To be able to deliver something even more special and unique to our customers, in the comfort of their own home, in the easiest steps.

9.) If you could live off one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


10.) Tell us about your worst experience in the kitchen!

Worst experience probably has to be way back in 2017 when Kristelle and I baked a lot of cakes at the time for individual clients. One cake was 3 tiers and on delivery, we damaged the top tier of the cake as we arrived because the car jolted over a rock. Kristelle had to fix the cake before we got the house to deliver and we felt like we were in an ER surgery trying to stitch up the cake!