Restaurant Feature 3 - Mr Wilde

Mr Wilde - Plateaway

We had the privilege of catching up and speaking to Alex Kaye, the founder of MR.WILDE, and Martha Buttress, the associate director and head of comms at MR.WILDE. Here's what they had to say!

1.) Tell us about your restaurant?

MR. WILDE is the latest concept from cult restaurant favourite WALTER AND MONTY.  We’re passionate about the whole dining experience; from great food to good vibes and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a meal the way it is supposed to be eaten. Steaks should be juicy, chicken should be tender, salmon should melt in your mouth. But we know cooking isn't foolproof and often when cooking under pressure things can go awry. Whether cooking for 2 or hosting for 10, we believe you should enjoy your time with your guests - slaving away in the kitchen isn't going to win anyone host of the year.

2.) Tell us about your team.

Alex: A classic French trained chef with over 15 years of experience. My background includes using sophisticated techniques without making frilly dishes; it’s part of my food ethos. Martha is the creative behind the brand and my associate director. She manages the entire brand and the POV of MR. WILDE all stems from her vision. We work very closely together to ensure there is synergy between the food and the branding that we are projecting to our customers. We work with a great and diverse team who influence the different cuisines on our menu.

3.) How did you discover your passion for food?

Alex: I have been cooking at home since the age of 6... I have always loved cooking and being in the kitchen!

4.) What’s your favourite item on your menu?

Alex: The Indian Banquet definitely. You don’t lose out on any flavour, it’s a clean dish and feels like you are eating a straight from the restaurant. 

Martha: Tokyo box, the salmon is so light and fresh!

5.)What’s your most popular item on your menu?

The Steak night kit.

6.) What’s your favourite type of food?

Alex: Spanish

Martha: Japanese

7.) When throwing something together in the kitchen, what’s your go-to meal?

Alex: As a BBQ fanatic, I’d probably head outdoors and grill something on the BBQ… that or a chip butty!

Martha: Grilled fish, roasted vegetable, and a side of rice

8.) How has the meal kit revenue stream impacted your business?

When we were forced to shut during the pandemic, kits were a lifeline for us. They were integral to the survival of our business, allowed us to open the kitchen and get some staff back in too. Kits also allowed us to boost morale and set targets for our team. It gave us a chance to branch out and get more creative with our dishes. We learnt a lot and took it very seriously; scientifically testing and trying all our kits and meals. This scientific testing helped us make some things a reality, when we had previously been told it wouldn’t be possible.

9.) If you could live off one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Alex: Bread and butter

Martha: Chicken nuggets

10.) Tell us about your worst experience in the kitchen!

We had a huge corporate event and had the chefs in the kitchen until 3am prepping the food. Overnight, there was a power cut in the building, which resulted in all the fridges turning off and causing all the food to go bad. There was chaos trying to find replacement stock and manpower to make the order happen!! Thankfully, a friend in Hackney said we could use his kitchen… but this was on the same day as the event so was cutting it a little fine. We drove all we had over to this kitchen in Hackney and had to prep the food and get to Fulham in time for the event. However, things went from bad to worse when we came to leave the kitchen to find the roads had been totally blocked off. There had been a huge car accident directly outside the kitchen, and the police had cordoned off the whole area… there was no entry in or out of the area for over 6 hours!! We did eventually manage to get the food over to the event, but it was quite the experience!