Our Authentic Asian Restaurant Meal Kits

Asian Meal Kits - Plateaway

Asian food can often be difficult to replicate and can be daunting to cook. Luckily our Asian meal kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your door, so it has never been easier to whip up delicious Asian food at home in minutes!

Japan Centre

Japan Centre DIY kits offer a taste of Japan from the comfort of your home. Whether you fancy their sushi kit, completed with the freshest salmon and tuna prepared by trained sushi master chefs, their poké kit, giving you everything you need to recreate their famous poké, or their heart-warming katsu curry kit, these kits all allow you to recreate their most popular authentic dishes at home!

Yuu Kitchen

Indulge in Asian favourites with the Yuu Kitchen meal kits, featuring authentic Japanese and South-East Asian flavours. They offer four different meal boxes; a classic bao box, a veggie bao box, a chicken box and a summer BBQ box. Each box comes with baos, a main dish, sides and desserts.

Bamboo Sushi

Making sushi always seems like such a fun idea but never quite turns out as you hoped. Well with the Bamboo sushi kit, you can’t go wrong. Get a complete sushi kit with pre-cooked, ready to reheat sushi rice so the kit is completely foolproof and results in 10 perfect sushi rolls each and every time.

Flavours by Jones

The meal kits from Flavours by Jones offer restaurant quality, authentic ingredients and recipes for a variety of your favourite Asian dishes. With easy to follow step-by-step chef recipe cards, precise ingredients and a huge range of Vegan and non-vegan options, get ready for a no-fuss home cooking experience. Whether you want to whip up a pad thai, sticky Korean fried chicken, or Massaman curry

Gourmet Korea

It can often feel overwhelming trying to cook Korean food. Well the good news is you do not need to be a professional chef to do so. Why not have a helping hand with any of the Gourmet Korea authentic Korean meal kits. With straight-forward recipes to follow, as well as the best products, you can now make Korean dishes at home for any level of cook and for all food lovers!

Asian Meal Kits - Plateaway

Island Poké

The dreamiest work from home lunch - get Island Poké delivered right to your door. Get the fresh Pacific flavours from London’s leading poké brand, Island Poké. Whether you want all tuna, all salmon, vegan or a combo kit of salmon and tuna, get all the ingredients you need to make your favourite poké bowls at home!

Just a Hangry Girl

Bring the flavours of Asia to your kitchen in minutes with Just A Hangry Girl's DELICIOUS Asian bundle. In this kit you get all the ingredients to make your own spring rolls, miso aubergine, egg fried rice, duck or tofu Chinese pancakes and Asian slaw - now THAT is dinner goals! Making all these dishes at the same time can seem extremely intimidating but with this kit you are able to have a seamless cooking experience to perfect each dish in no time at all!

Thai Apron

Learn how to cook something new, and make an easy, delicious and traditional Thai meal in minutes. These kits help you cook authentic Thai food without having to leave the house to find all the oriental and rare ingredients. With authentic Thai ingredients including fresh meats and homemade sauces, each kit is freshly packaged and pre-portioned for 2 people.

Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen kits include everything you need to make their signature ramens including 12 hour tonkotsu soup, original ramen noodles, original spicy sauce, char siu BBQ pork belly and fresh jalapenos. Taking you through each and every step, you can now re-create the Shoryu restaurant experience at home. And with the Shoryu bao bun kit, you can enjoy heavenly fluffy char siu BBQ pork belly buns with spicy Shoryu bun sauce in just 10 minutes!! Yup it’s true - Shoryu have done all the hard work for you with their kits so you can assemble and enjoy their food with minimal effort.

Makes Miso Hungry

Makes Miso Hungry offers premium Japanese Recipe boxes to make restaurant quality Japanese food at home! With Japanese ingredients imported from Japan and fresh produce from Billingsgate, New Covent Garden Market and Smithfield’s Meat Market, you can make a traditional Japanese BBQ feast or gyōza dumplings in no time!

Asian Meal Kits - Plateaway