National Carbonara Day

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PASTA LOVERS - YOUR DAY HAS COME. Yep today is National Carbonara Day! Today we must honour this Classic Italian pasta dish and celebrate over a BIG FAT bowl of delicious carbonara! We all love carbonara but how should it be made is often the question? Well there’s no need to panic because we have you kitted out! Luckily for you guys we have a pretty EPIC selection of carbonara kits for you to make yourself at home!


Bringing la “vita bella” to your home, the La Nonna In Casa Fresh Pasta DIY kits have everything you need to create our signature dishes in your own cucina! Their carbonara is the star dish at La Nonna. A proper Roman carbonara, meaning – no cream allowed! The trick is to create an eggy/cheesy emulsion which combined with the intense saltiness of the guanciale, pecorino romano and freshly ground black pepper is a match made in heaven. This kit comes with everything you need to make their signature carbonara yourself including fresh pasta, carbonara sauce and cheese! 


The Little Pasta Company delivers fresh handmade DIY pasta kits to your door. Their Spaghetti Alla Carbonara is really sentimental to The Little Pasta Company’s  founder, Daniel, as it was the first thing his mother taught him to cook as a child – still to this day, it’s an absolute favourite!  Originating in Rome, this is their twist on the classic dish combining smokey cured pork, egg yolk, grana padano cheese and plenty of black pepper to become the silkiest and rich sauce to coat their fresh spaghetti.


Passo’s freshly prepared DIY pasta kits made by the Passo Shoreditch chefs, delivered to your home. Their carbonara kit for 4 comes with crispy guanciale, egg yolks, pecorino, parmesan & black pepper. This roman classic we all know and love served the traditional way. It’s not as difficult as you think. The dish is ready in minutes and tastes as good as it sounds!