Meal kits: what are they?

Meal kits, with the rise of brands such as Hello Fresh, Gousto and Plateaway have risen in popularity in the past few years and that trend looks set to continue moving forward as people opt for quality, but also allows them to save time and money!

A meal kit in its simplest form: is a box packed with the weighted pre-portioned ingredients, to the detailed instructions, everything you need to create a meal in your kitchen.

Plateaway differs from regular meal kits in that we send the customer meal kits from top restaurants and brands around the UK, so you can get the restaurant experience at home. It’s your favourite restaurant meals, without having to leave your door for them. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, when restaurants were forced to shut, they began to create their own take on meal kits with all the ingredients to make their signature restaurant dishes at home!

Now you know what a meal kit is, here’s some of the reasons they are worth trying…


Meal kits save you time. No longer do you need to search for recipes online, source the restaurant quality ingredients (and pay a premium!), or even actually go to the restaurant. All you have to do is pick one of our fabulous meal kits and all the hard work is done for you. You then get to enjoy the cooking experience or share the cooking experience and have a great night in. 

Even better yet, you don’t have to have the culinary skills of Gordon Ramsay to use them! They allow people of all cooking abilities to get in the kitchen and cook up a storm. Meal kits have given people the tools to improve their culinary skills and experiment in the kitchen, whilst saving them money and time on figuring out their meals for the week and simplifying the meal preparation process. 

Quality of Food

When you order a restaurant meal kit, you get quality that you wouldn’t be able to get if you sourced the ingredients yourself - well unless you paid a premium. As the restaurants create their meal kits, they pride themselves on putting the same quality ingredients and effort into their kits as you would get if you went and had the meal at their restaurant. 

Arguably, you might spend as much as you would on a takeaway, but let’s face it - takeaways are never as good as they taste in a restaurant! With a meal kit you get much higher quality food and the satisfaction of cooking it yourself. This goes for restaurant meal kits too - you get the resources to make a restaurant-standard meal with the fresh ingredients so you can cook it and it won’t be cold or soggy when it arrives!


Despite the rise of Deliveroo & Uber Eats there is still a huge area of the UK that isn’t able to access restaurants. That’s because to be able to order the takeaway you have to have the restaurants within a close proximity, which many people don’t have.

Plateaway gives people, nationwide, the chance to access ANY restaurant they like from our platform no matter where they are. We also are open to suggestions, so if you have a restaurant you would like access to but we don’t currently offer, please do reach out to us and let us know.

Whether you don’t live near these top restaurants, can't make it into London to visit your favourite Japanese restaurant or know from experience that ramen doesn't exactly travel well (we’ve all been there), then meal kits are the perfect option! These kits allow people to eat from their favourite restaurant no matter where they may be.

Variety of choices

From Japanese, Middle Eastern, & Italian, or even a greasy burger, we have got you covered. There is something for everyone. Also, there is a wide-range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options from restaurants such as Yum Seng! offering vegan dim sum kits or Blondies Kitchen offering bake at home vegan cookie dough, the options are endless (almost!).

On top of this, we offer free delivery whether you order from one vendor or multiple, which makes ordering meal kits perfect for all occasions. If you’re in a big group and you’re trying to find the perfect meal for a group with different dietary requirements and tastes then why go anywhere else? Enjoy entirely different meals at the same occasion.

Something different 

There will always be takeaways and restaurants and we aren’t there to replace them. What we do offer is an alternative for people who want something healthier, the intimacy of being at home or just enjoy the cooking experience, whilst providing access to the top restaurants to everyone around the UK.

When you just can’t be bothered to go out, or fancy a different spin on your night, takeaways will often do! But with meal kits, it’s all about the food AND the experience. Be it date night, girls night, family night, or a birthday, anniversary or celebration - these kits give the chance for people to have fun in the kitchen as well as have a delicious meal to follow! They also are a great idea for a gift to a colleague, a friend, a family member etc. We know it’s easy to order food to your door, and now it’s even easier to order something exciting too! So if you’re looking to order something a little different from your go-to this weekend - Plateaway have you kitted out!

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