Marketing @ Plateaway

Marketing @plateaway

Sisters, Olivia and Georgia, are the marketing experts at Plateaway. Creativity has always been second nature to them and being so similar-minded means they are constantly bouncing ideas off each other. Here they explain everything about marketing and what happens behind the scenes. 

How Did it Start?

Olivia, Head of Marketing says “I remember Harry coming to me with the idea of Plateaway and how he needed a name, brand - everything. I was on furlough at the time and was so excited to have a project to focus on. From instagram, to campaign planning, I was totally obsessed with creating something out of nothing and having free reign to explore my creativity.”

"Within weeks, I had a 360 role where I was in charge of ads, video guides, social channels, email campaigns, influencers, PR - the lot. I was juggling everything and was working all hours of the day to make sure everything was running smoothly.”

What Happens Behind the Scenes?

Georgia, Marketing Executive says “Everyday is different whether it’s a day full of content planning, filming kits, editing and making video content, product uploading - it’s always all guns blazing and never gets boring. In marketing, being organised is key and for this reason, we have to always be 10 steps ahead. Behind every campaign there is a plan, a reason, a trend, a goal and we have to always make sure we are on top of everything. Managing so many restaurants, we are responsible for ensuring our restaurants' brand guidelines are met as well as making sure our brand identity is present in everything we do.”

What’s your advice for anyone wanting to get into marketing?

“With marketing, there are three essential pieces of advice we would give to anyone wanting to get into marketing. Firstly, having everything in one place is key so it is essential for you to find a complete marketing automation tool that suits all your creative needs. Next is to define strategic marketing plans. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” is a quote we strongly live by. With so much constantly going on in marketing, it is SO important to set objectives, goals, missions, visions and stick to a realistic timeline to implement it all. Consistency is key and by being organised and planning ahead, it makes being consistent, on multiple channels, much easier. Finally, it is also important to be different and quirky as a brand - the world is consumed with so many different companies that you NEED to stand out from the crowd. Don't be afraid to be creative and do things that other companies are not doing! This is what will make people remember you! By being unique, you are able to give your brand a personality and have a powerful brand presence!"

Marketing Department at Plateaway