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With Summer holidays in full swing, it’s sometimes pretty hard to come up with ideas to entertain the kids. Well luckily for you we’ve listed some of our favourite kits that are child-friendly and will keep them busy whilst keeping their bellies FULL!  


The bake and decorate at home cupcakes and cake kits from London’s famous Primrose Bakery are exactly what your kids need this Summer. Whether they want to ice and decorate cupcakes, bake and decorate vanilla cupcakes or make a 8 inch five layer vanilla rainbow cake, these kits are the perfect activity as well as utterly delicious!


The Bamboo Sushi kit is an activity and a meal all in one! With all the ingredients you need to make sushi rolls at home, this kit even comes with a rolling mat AND microwavable sushi rice - making the whole process seamless and extremely fun and easy for kids! The kit is designed for 3-4 people, making 10 sushi rolls (60 pieces). All they have to do is add their fillings and ROLL. 


Your kids may like making brownies but have they ever made THESE?! Just A Hangry Girl Ultimate Hangry Brownies take the brownie game to the next level. We’re talking cookie dough, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, oreos, crushed oreos – you get the picture! Not only will you kids get total enjoyment from making these, they won’t believe how incredible they taste too! 


Mon Dessert kits always result in WOW-factor desserts. Some of the kits are more difficult and fiddly for children however many of their kits are ideal for children. We would recommend the baked doughnuts kit which is so simple to whip up doughnuts in no time, and even comes with a doughnut mould! We also would recommend their NEW Belgian waffles kit which comes with a waffle mould and chocolate sauce that the kids are guaranteed to LOVE!


Bakester Box is equipping you with the tools and ingredients to create fabulous bakes at home. Whether your kids want to make dark chocolate cookies, blond cookies, cinnamon buns, chocolate fondants, tarts or cakes, Bakester Box  provides the ultimate in home baking kits, no matter your baking ability! Don’t forget to check out their bundles which give you the BEST of both worlds - these kits will keep your kids entertained and make them feel like little bakers in the making!


Pan-n-Ice packs are a must have for every family home! The Pan-n-Ice ultimate pack comes with everything you need to make over 40 ice cream rolls, making this PERFECT for the Summer! Your kids will be delighted to find ingredients  such as Lotus Biscoff, Oreos, Chocolate sauce, Nutella, candy and so much more in this box (just be prepared for a potential huge sugar rush to follow!!) Let them create their own delicious flavours or use their complimentary recipe book for easy to follow parlour recipes. With plastic child-friendly spatulas, this kit makes the perfect gift for any age!


Blondies Kitchen Stuff it Yo’self DIY kits are not only a fun activity for children, but also a DELICIOUS one. In the box you will receive 6 cookie dough balls ready to fill with a variety of mouth-watering fillings. Choose from their Salted Caramel Rolo kit, Kinder Bueno kit or their original kit with Nutella, Biscoff, Kinder Bueno Cream fillings!

Cooking kits for kids - Plateaway