In the Mood for Food!

Picking from our range of meal kits can be hard, especially when they’re all delicious and the choices are endless! So we’ve helped you out and picked out the best kits based on your mood and plans. 

The ‘I CBA to cook” kit

Plateaway’s own range ‘Heat & Eat’ is definitely a must for those who hate cooking! With everything pre-made for you, all you have to do is heat and eat it! It takes less than 15 minutes but taste is NOT sacrificed with these restaurant quality flavours! Our next pick is Homeslice Take & Bake. Just place your chosen pizzas into the oven, and BOOM - you’re done!


The ‘feast with friends’ Kit

The bigger the better! These kits are for when you and your friends just want to pig out! With a selection of different cuisines to choose from, there’s always something for everyone! All those fussy eaters, we have you covered! These kits will leave you all full to the brim! We recommend kits from INDICO @HOME , THE CINNAMON CLUB, CERU, JUST A HANGRY GIRL and TACA TACOS.


The ‘I’ve had a hard day’ Kit

We’ve all been there and with the year we’ve had, maybe a little more often than usual! These kits are for when you're just having that bad day and need a pick me up! That pick me up is OBVIOUSLY going to involve cocktails and food! Name a better combo! We aren’t saying a cocktail is the answer to all your problems, but for some of us, it often is! We recommend kits from CHUCSWORLD OF ZING and LOCKDOWN LIQUOR.


The ‘Date Night’ Kit

What’s better than a fresh pasta kit with your loved one? Easy to cook and seriously tasty, our fresh pasta kits are the perfect go-to meals! I mean who doesn’t love pasta? Lucky for you, we have a huge selection that is bound to fulfil your cravings! We recommend kits from CARLUCCIO’S, PASSOTHE LITTLE PASTA COMPANY, BANCONE and LA NONNA.


The ‘learn a new skill’ Kit

This is for the people who love to learn new skills in the kitchen and are keen to become better chefs! With a huge selection of food for you to make, these are guaranteed to teach you a thing or two! Even better - there is a delicious meal to follow that you can impress your friends and family with! We recommend kits from TOSTADA and FISHWORKS.


The ‘I need something sweet’ Kit

This is for those with a sweet tooth! For those people who, even after the largest meal of their lives, STILL need something sweet! With a range of dessert kits to choose from, we picked the ones we felt would satisfy your cravings! We recommend kits from BLONDIE’S KITCHENPRIMROSE BAKERY and TREAT’S CLUB.