How to support restaurants that haven’t opened right now

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Our business started in the hope to support restaurants and small eateries during the pandemic. Our mission, nearly a year later, is to continue to keep restaurants alive, as well as give restaurants a new revenue stream, once life returns to normal. Although many restaurants have opened their doors in the last week, many are still closed due to not having the luxury of an outside area for their customers. Good news is there are plenty of ways you can still support them!

  1. Order a DIY kit

What better way to support restaurants than buying one of their DIY meal kits. All the preparation has been done for you and only needs basic assembling at home. Restaurants have given you all the secret ingredients in one box so you are able to have the luxury of cooking up their food at home! For the restaurants that have not opened yet, or for the small businesses that do not have a restaurant, these kits have been extremely successful for businesses to be able to stay afloat during this difficult time. 

If you’re walking past one of our restaurants, look out for our Plateaway window stickers and you may just see some restaurants you didn’t know were on our site! We got ours from https://www.stickermule.com/uk/custom-stickers and we have to say we just love ours!

To order a DIY kit: https://www.plateaway.com/restaurants/?store_categories[]=uncategorized

  1. Buy a gift voucher

If you do not fancy a kit right away or are looking for the perfect gift for a fellow foodie friend, gift vouchers are a great way to support your favourite restaurants. All our gift vouchers have NO expiry date, so there is no pressure to order straight away yet you are still able to support restaurants without ordering, just yet!

To purchase a Plateaway gift voucher: https://www.plateaway.com/product/gift-voucher/

  1. Leave a review 

Positive reviews can really help promote restaurants. A lot of people can be intimated by the concept of cooking a kit if they have limited cooking experience, and although all the hard work has been done by the restaurants, it is important for everyone to know this. If you have tried a restaurant DIY kit and have thoroughly enjoyed it, leaving a glowing review will help other customers feel confident enough to order, which can really support restaurants.

To leave a Plateaway review: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/plateaway.com

  1. Social Media

The impact of social media can be incredible. Similarly to leaving a review, if you have ordered a DIY kit, posting it on social media can be a huge boost for restaurants' brand awareness. Also by interacting with restaurants on social media, you are helping to support their brand more than you can imagine. A positive comment, share and like, can really help businesses right now and reassure them that they have a loyal customer base!

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