It’s fair to say that this entire year has NOT gone accordingly to plan. We’ve had to work from home, have been forced to stay indoors, and of course, have missed out on normal social interactions. 

So it’s almost a given that birthday parties, work parties, pretty much all celebrations haven’t been possible, but don’t worry – we are here to help! Thanks to video services like Zoom, having everyone together in a special way is easier than you think. You can still PARTY with your family, friends, and team regardless. You might just be dancing alone…

From food and drink ideas to games and quizzes, here is a list of innovative ways to stay connected whilst staying at home!


Our huge range of DIY meal kits are the answer to your party prayers. Get every member, invited, a DIY meal kit of their choice. From pastas to pizzas, tacos to burgers, cookies to donuts, there’s something for everyone! We can deliver your chosen meal kits to individual addresses at a date of your choice, tailored to your partying and dietary needs. All our kits come with all the ingredients to recreate your favourite dishes at home! After all, what’s a party without delicious food at the heart of it? Here’s some great ideas of what to do next….


Host a virtual cooking competition where everyone receives the same kit and the winner is the person who can make & plate their kit in the most delicious-looking way! 


Make sure everyone gets the same meal kit and then nominate someone to host a virtual cook-along for everyone! Enjoy the satisfaction of cooking and sharing good food together just like the good old days!!



Why not pair the delicious meal with your favourite cocktail and have the ultimate #plateawayparty? We are bound to have your go-to flavour and this is THE perfect way to liven up an evening!



Now you’ve got the food and drinks SORTED, here’s some game ideas that you can play during your virtual party…


 Have a quiz host who asks the questions and whoever gets it right first, must vote someone else to have a drink! Make sure to have a few quiz rounds – music, movies, celebrities, history, geography, general knowledge, sports, food – the list is endless!


Oh so SAVAGE! Each round, a person asks a question starting with: “Who is most likely to…” – this could be anything from ‘who is most likely to turn up to work drunk?” to “who is most likely to date a celebrity?” Everyone must write down their answers, and the team member with the most votes MUST drink!


One person has to act out a word or phrase (for example a movie or a book), while everyone else has to guess the word or phrase. The person who gets it right must nominate someone to take a shot or decide that everyone else has to take a shot. Or, if no one gets it, sorry, but that’s on YOU!


Get on a call with your BFFs and watch a movie, do face masks and chat until the early hours of the morning. Of course, it goes without saying – snacks are needed! 

Virtual parties can still be fun and are the perfect way to celebrate and connect with people without breaking the rules!

Don’t let lockdown ruin your fun – Plateaway have you all KITTED OUT!