Heat & Eat packaging
There is absolutely no denying that our restaurant meal kits offer the ULTIMATE at-home experience, introducing an entirely new approach to dining in at home! They are the perfect treat for special occasions, a weekend or week-day treat, date night, celebrations and just for a fun night in! The whole experience is enjoyable and is the ideal activity when staying at home!

So in terms of an experience – our FAB restaurant partners have nailed it, and to ensure ALL dinner innovation is covered, we have just launched our own convenience meals in our ‘Heat & Eat’ range!! 

Yep it’s as simple as it sounds – all you have to do is HEAT it and EAT it, making it as convenient as possible for time-poor people who want nourishing high-quality food when short on time. All the sauces come in pouches and are pre-cooked so all you have to do is cook them for a few minutes, mix it with your carb and BOOM you’re done! It really is that simple!

Our launch menu focuses on healthy, easy, everyday family favourites including; Thai Green Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, and of course, our favourite, Chicken Milanese and Spaghetti Bolognese. With overly generous portions and high-quality ingredients, these comforting kits focus on giving people everything they need to create simple yet effective meals for midweek, to suit a tight budget and busy lifestyle! 

All meals come with a protein, ranging from chicken, beef, chickpea or lentils, with a carb,either couscous, rice or pasta and then a side salad or flatbread. The USP of these kits is that, unlike other meal kit delivery services, the sauces are cooked and prepared so all the hard work has been done and only needs basic heating! All meals last up to 5 days in the fridge, making them extremely good value for money!

We currently offer 2 meals for 2, 3 meals for 2, and 2 meals for 4 are looking to keep updating our offerings. ALL our kits take under 15  minutes to prep and cook, and we EVEN offer gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free AND vegan options, making sure we cater for everyone! They are the perfect healthy lunch or dinner option, when you want a DELICIOUS meal in minutes!

Our Co-Founder Harry says, “I realised the thing missing from our platform was the convenience factor! We offer such incredible restaurant meal kits and found most of these kits are ordered for special occasions, weekend treats or to replicate the ‘restaurant experience.’ We want to cater to everyone, whilst saving them money, and time, on figuring out their meals for the week. By introducing ‘Heat & Eat’, we are simplifying the midweek meal preparation process for everyone!”

So without further ado, get yours NOW and thank us later!