Guide to Making a DIY Meal Kit for Your Restaurant


Meal kits have become extremely popular whilst everyone is stuck at home during lockdown. For this reason, people are not able to go out for meals due to the fact restaurants and bars are closed across the UK. This has resulted in DIY meal kits becoming the next best thing - especially when you can get the most popular dish from your favourite restaurants delivered straight to your door, on your chosen day!

So if you own a restaurant or eatery and are considering putting together a DIY meal kit but do not know where to start, this is a guide to show you how!

What is your most popular dish?

Whether you want to create a DIY meal kit because your restaurant is closed, you are open for a reduced amount of hours, or because you simply want to be accessible to everyone, it is important to know EXACTLY what will sell. There are always dishes that are more popular than others on the menu and these are the ones you most likely want to create a meal kit for as this is what your customers will want to make at home.

To find out what this is, you might want to ask your customers directly or simply look at data. This might involve looking at past records or creating a poll on social media channels to ask your customers what their favourite dish is!

Can you source all your ingredients?

When making your DIY meal kit, you want to ensure that you are able to package all the ingredients needed to make the intended dish. These ingredients not only need to be sourced, but they also need to last, as the person ordering the meal kit might not get the delivery the day you receive the ingredients and may not make it the day it is delivered. These are all questions to consider when picking the dish you want to create a meal kit for!

Does your food transport well?

Even if your customers are not eating in your restaurants, or buying directly from your food stall, you STILL want to deliver them the best service and food. Your meal kit needs to travel well with the box staying in perfect condition and with all food staying in their containers, staying fresh.

Are your dishes easy to make?

These meal kits should be designed for everyone so that anyone ordering is able to create the dish, even if they do not have ANY experience in cooking. This means that although you want to allow people to recreate your favourite dish, it does need to be easily made by anyone. This may mean putting in a little extra preparation to help them get started! You would need to consider this as you want your customers to enjoy themselves, make it correctly, and want to order it again and again!

Do you have good branding and packaging?

It is very important to put your branding on your meal kits to remind your customers who you are and that they are eating the food or drinks from YOU directly. This not only means keeping the box in perfect condition, but it means putting your branding on the box, on the items in the kit, on the instructions, and anywhere else you can! Constantly reminding your customers whose food they are eating is key!

Here at Plateaway, we are experts in helping restaurants to create a DIY meal kit from scratch! For more information contact us at info@plateaway.com and we will be more than happy to assist!