Ideas for what to do during your staycation - By Plateaway

As vacations are pretty much off the cards this year, staycations  are the next best thing. With so many incredible UK destinations to choose from, and with the current beautiful weather, who needs a holiday anyway?! *pretends to believe this sentence* Whether you’re going on a weekend trip away with your friends, your family or your other half – here’s some crazy ideas of what to get up to whilst you’re there!


Drinking and games are pretty great on their own, but combining the two together makes the evening GREATER! Whether you want to play a drinking card game, a drinking board game or just shout out questions or dares, make sure to have enough drinks at hand as these games are often brutal! 


This goes without saying that you HAVE to go out and explore – especially if you have never been to the area before. Whether this means going for a country walk, visiting the town centre or going down to the beach, it’s always nice to be a tourist in your own country!


A murder mystery is the perfect way to turn an average night into an unforgettable experience everyone can get involved in. Get everyone to dress up to get into the mood and work together to figure out the murderer. If you’re feeling really fancy there are plenty of companies  or websites to help you plan the murder mystery or you could just make it up!


We aren’t just saying this as owners of a meal kit business but if you are staying in the middle of the countryside, with NO delivery options and limited restaurants – urm hello?! Why wouldn’t you order a meal kit to be delivered to your accommodation and cook up a storm with your squad? Not only is this super convenient, but also a super fun activity to do during your stay! Even better, when you’re hungover after a heavy night of drinking, our kits make the perfect comfort food, so you can make an EPIC meal in minutes!

Ideas for what to do during your staycation - By Plateaway