Dinner Party Favourites

Dinner Party Recipe Boxes - by Plateaway

Cooking for over 4 people can often be overwhelming, especially when people have different dietary requirements, different food preferences and you’re too busy in your day-to-day life to spend an entire day sourcing ingredients and then cooking in the kitchen for hours on end. Our meal kits give you the best of both worlds - all the ingredients delivered to your door to create a DELICIOUS meal, ready in no time! Check out our favourite impressive dinner party boxes!

Romulo Café

If you’re feeling fancy and want to cook something totally different, Romulo Café kits offer an array of fine Filipino flavours. From starters to sides and dessert, this is the greatest Philippine culinary experience. You can bespoke your kits and choose all your starters, sides and desserts to suit your food preferences! Each dish showcases the essential flavours of traditional Filipino cuisine, with a contemporary twist. Whether you want a 3-course or 5-course meal, get yourself ready for a culinary adventure like no other! 

The Cinnamon Club 

With exquisite flavours and the finest ingredients, the Cinnamon Club boxes result in show-stopping meals offering the ultimate modern Indian fine dining experience. Whether you want their signature seven-course meal, or a plant-based tasting menu, each luxury box comes with starters, mains and desserts.


Seafood can often be overwhelming to start cooking from scratch. Well luckily Fishworks luxury boxes are here to save the day! Get everything you need to entertain your guests. Whether you’ve got your eyes on their showstopping three fish roast, or their Fruit de Mer box featuring their signature oysters, scallops, prawns and lobster, this is an utterly delicious way to experience the taste of the sea and feast on all it has to offer.

Mr Wilde

Mr Wilde kits offer 'Foolproof fine dining experience at home in under 15 minutes’ making you the perfect party host. They know how daunting it can be to cook for a crowd, so they ensure that everything is super simple to cook and do not sacrifice on taste! Whether you want to make a roast chicken or a Surf and Turf banquet, these boxes come with all the trimmings, sides and sauces you could ever desire. You can even add wine, bread, salt and butter to your order and your night is complete. To complete your ‘perfect host’ identity, each order comes with a different game for you and your guests AND a QR code to access themed MR. W Spotify playlists for every occasion you host!


If your dinner guests are seafood lovers, then Haar at home luxury boxes are bound to impress. All their boxes are prepared by Masterchef finalist Dean Banks and his team at the HAAR Restaurant. Whether you fancy their grand Lobster and Crab box, or their 3-course luxury surf and turf box, be prepared for an incredibly magnificent fine-dining experience!

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