Have you ever wondered how a single yummy ingredient would change a recipe? If it wasn’t for one amazing baker, it would be very hard to imagine where we would be without the invention of chocolate chips.

Whether you bake chocolate chip cookies, melt them and dip, or just eat them from the packet, be sure to celebrate! Make these DIY sweet treats to share or eat all to yourself.

Blondies Kitchen

Blondies Kitchen irresistible gooey hot cookie dough is ready to bake at home. Melted with milk, white & dark chocolate chip cookie dough!

Chocolate Chip Day

Single Chocolate, Hazelnut & Cookie Crumb Babka Kit

Shuk have put together a kit with everything you need to quickly and easily make killer babkas every time. They have done the messy bit so all you need to do is roll the dough, add the toppings, shape, prove and bake it! Babka dough with chocolate and hazelnut spread, topped with chocolate drops, cookie crumbs and vanilla syrup. Could you ask for anything better!

Chocolate Chip Day

Hot Donut Kit – Oreo stuffed

Their much loved DIY Hot Donut Sundae Kit. 8 oreo filled donut bites (with a whole oreo inside each donut!) with chocolate syrup, salted caramel sauce, cinnamon sugar, funfetti sprinkles, oreo topping and marshmallow fluff!

Chocolate Chip Day

Blond Chocolate, Pistachio and Cardamom Cookie

Discover Valrhona Orelys blond chocolate – a caramelised white chocolate with muscovado undertones – paired with pistachios, with a hint of freshly ground cardamom. Bakester box have you covered!

Chocolate Chip Day

Ultimate Hangry Brownies

Whip up the ultimate sweet treat, in the comfort of your home! With dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cookie dough, whole oreos and crushed oreos! What better way to spend chocolate chip day!

Chocolate Chip Day