An Interview with Our Co-Founders

Harry & Lewis | Blog

This year has definitely been a hard one for all of us, with various restrictions turning the world around, restaurants are one of many businesses forced to close their doors. However, for some, lockdown prompted many people to find opportunity in the midst of this crisis and start a business. 

Our Co-Founders, brothers Harry and Lewis Slagel, did exactly that, creating a centralised platform featuring different restaurant meal kits, delivering Nationwide.

Now having over 50 restaurants on board, their own sub-brand Heat & Eat; Plateaway has massively grown and helped restaurants stay alive! We interviewed the founders about starting Plateaway and what advice they would give to anyone thinking about starting a new business!

What inspired you to launch your business?

“During lockdown, all the restaurants began to create their DIY restaurant meal kits, featuring all the ingredients to create their signature restaurant dishes. So not only could we satisfy our cravings, we also could have fun in the kitchen, and support the hospitality industry. As more and more restaurants began to create their DIY restaurant meal kits, featuring all the ingredients to make their signature restaurant dishes, I thought: ‘Why isn’t there a centralised platform for all these kits, such as Deliveroo? You have to go through all the individual restaurants to order one.’ That’s when Plateway was born!”

What would you say makes a good leader of a company?

How do you overcome setbacks in your business?

“Setbacks are inevitable in any business so you need to focus on the learning from the setback! By facing these setbacks, you will learn from your mistakes and will often lead you on the path to success. It is also really important in a start-up to celebrate the small wins and not dwell on the small setbacks!"

What are your biggest achievements so far?

“Our biggest achievement so far is getting 50 restaurants/ London eateries on Plateaway in only 9 months! We are constantly growing week-by-week and never thought we would have so many restaurants on our platform so early on! Also we are so proud to have grown a team who all share the same passion and dream for our business. This is something we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have!”

What are your top tips for entrepreneurs thinking about starting a business?

“Take that leap of faith and go for it whilst you’re young with little commitments. No one will be able to predict what will happen before they start a business! Obviously, you need to research the market, and have some sort of a plan in place. But if you try to make everything perfect before you launch your business, you may never get around to starting at all!”

What is the future of Plateaway?

"Plateaway plans to be the home of meal kits in the UK. We strive to be the one stop shop for consumers to buy restaurant quality food to be made in the comfort of their own home!"