10 Mouth-Watering Gift Ideas for Dessert Lovers


Here at Plateaway, we strive to satisfy your cravings with epic food from the most iconic places! Whether it’s for a birthday treat or just a pick-me-up gift for a friend, any of our dessert kits will undoubtedly make anyone’s day! But be warned –sending treats as insane as our kits, may lead to uncontrollable tears of joy! So without further ado, here’s a breakdown of our MOUTH-WATERING gift ideas for you dessert lovers! If you aren’t hungry already - you’re about to be… 


If you have never had Blondie’s Kitchen cookies, you are truly missing out on a little piece of heaven. Whether you want hot cookie-dough puds, stuffed cookies, or their signature irresistible cookies, get ready to become OBSESSED. Their cookies are famously known to have a crisp edge, a soft centre and are chewy all the way through - AKA exactly how a cookie should be!


If you love baking and learning new skills, or are looking for the IDEAL activity for your kids, look no further! Renowned for their delicious and beautiful iced cakes, London’s famous Primrose Bakery is now giving you the tools to perfect their handcrafted bakes in your own kitchen! Inside their kits, you'll find everything you need to create your very own Primrose Bakery cakes at home! Whether you want a 5-tier cake or cupcakes, you can’t throw a party without one of their LEGENDARY cakes!


There are brownies and then there’s THE ‘ultimate hangry brownies!” Just thinking about this kit is making our stomachs grumble, and ironically EXTREMELY hangry! Whip up the ultimate sweet treat, in the comfort of your home! We’re talking cookie dough, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, oreos, crushed oreos - you get the picture! Embrace your inner 'hangry' girl and get this UNBEATABLE brownie kit in your life - you can thank us later!


For that special someone who deserves an even more special and unique gift, Mon Dessert kits spring to mind. Specialising in helping you make exquisite desserts with ease, these kits result in picture-perfect, insta-worthy desserts that are ALMOST too pretty to eat! From macarons, to crème brûlée - these showstopping desserts are guaranteed to leave you wanting more....


Feeling down? DONUT worry - we’ve got something that brings joy with every bite and wonder with every flavour. HOT DONUT BITES. Yep - you read that right! Treats Club make and fill your donut bites, and provide all the sauces and toppings for you, making it SUPER easy and fun for you to make your hot donut treats at home! The rich flavours of every filling and every topping are enough to keep you ordering each and every week!


What could be sweeter than the gift of baking? Sparking imagination, creativity and fun in the kitchen with a delicious treat at the end - YES PLEASE!  Bakesterbox is equipping you with the tools to create fabulous bakes that you never felt you would be able to make at home! Containing the finest ingredients, top quality baking equipment and detailed step-by-step instructions, get ready to delight your inner pastry chef, no matter your baking ability!


You’re bound to fall in love with each and every layer of Haya’s delicious and dangerously addictive Triple Chocolate Babka Kit. Somewhere between bread and a decadent dessert, this undeniably IMPRESSIVE treat will be DEMOLISHED in one sitting - trust us!


Shuk has put together kits with everything you need to quickly and easily make KILLER babkas each and every time. They have done the messy bit so all you need to do is roll the dough, add the toppings, shape, prove and bake! Get ready to become a babka fanatic after baking this divine, beautifully swirled CREATION!